PatientBank Review.

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As a chronic illness patient I go to the doctor A LOT. This is normal for anyone with a chronic illness, but with that comes quite the load of medical records to keep up with. Which is why I was excited to try PatientBank. PatientBank is a website created by a couple of physicians where you can get all of your medical records in one place. The awesome thing is that they actually do all of the work for you, all you have to do is request them through their website Patient BankFor me it has always been a hassle to go in and request my records because you have to go through several people, fill out a lot of paperwork and with my records spread out among multiple hospitals and clinics it takes forever. PatientBank gets rid of the hassle and makes it easy to get your records in full to you. There is a fee for the service but in my opinion it is a great investment. They also digitize your records for you where you can download them to your computer, they also provide summaries where you can show your doctor and they can see the gist of the records without having to dig. So, let’s talk a little more about how it works and how easy it is. 

How it works:

So once you get on the website that I mentioned above you have to sign up for an account and pay the fee. They ask you to fill in specific information so that when they send for your records they already have what they need. Side Note: The site is secure where none of your personal information is out in the open. I know that can be a concern for people. Now, once you get signed up you go in and click “request records” where it will lead you to a search bar and all you do is search the hospital or clinic you want your records from and click on it and it asks you to fill out one or two more questions and then off it goes.

How long does it take?

Once you get the request in it will give you an estimated time length of when it should be in, it’s typically 20-30 days depending on how many records they have to get. So if you need records immediately your best bet is to go to the clinic, but if you want all your records organized and digitized for you then patientbank is for you. For my first order it took about a month to get back to me but I requested over 700 pages worth of records from my hospital but once it came in it was all in one place, put together and I could download it to my computer and easily go through my records. It’s seriously awesome.


I highly recommend PatientBank for any chronic illness patient. Even though there is a cost for the service (there’s a cost even if you get records from some clinics on your own and they are not digitized) but it is so worth it. I am always trying to get my records together and in order, and the thought of scanning them myself into my computer is daunting. PatientBank took all the stress out of it for me and provided all of my records in digitized form in about a month. You should definitely check it out if you are wanting to get all of your medical records in one place without the hassle of dealing with the facility. Very much worth it.