HealthTap- Instant Access to Physicians.

I recently posted a question about whether or not you guys would be interested or use a service that allowed you to get online and have access to a physician from any specialty 24/7 whether you can’t reach your doctor or are out of town. There were some responses to how you would be interested or curious as to how it worked or how much it might cost. I recently came across a service just like this called HealthTap. They reached out to me to see if I thought this would be something my followers would be interested in and after looking through I felt like it really would. So they are sponsoring this post, but I tried the service myself and found it to be really helpful.

What is HealthTap?

HealthTap is a website that allows you to get on and speak to a physician via chat or video and you can ask them anything at all. They have over 100,000 doctors from all different specialties that you have access to instantly! As a chronic illness patient myself, I know what it is like to have 10 different doctors in different specialties and hospitals who manage my disease and not always having immediate access to them, especially if I am out of town and it can be frustrating. That’s where HealthTap comes in. There is a fee for the service it’s $44 for a one-time immediate access call or offers a subscription (unlimited access for $99/month) and appointments with specialists—neurosurgeons to psychiatrists. No insurance needed. They can provide referrals, prescriptions, consults, right there from your home and laptop or phone.

Why HealthTap?

I know that HealthTap won’t be for everyone and people will ask “Why should I use this?” When I reason out why I post what I do to my community I try to base it off of “Could this Service potentially benefit someone in my community?” or “Could this clinical trial be of use to my community?” I really think it through and I believe that HealthTap could be beneficial to some of you. I myself have tried out the service and it’s pretty cool. There are times when I really need a consult or information right then but did not have access to my doctor and it can be frustrating. I also think this is a cool new way to do healthcare. You might also be too sick to leave the house, or get really sick on the trip. Who knows maybe even your own physician is on there? Once again, I know a lot of you might not understand the service or think it might be useful but I bet some of you will and that is why I am posting about it.

I am posting a link for you guys to be taken directly to their website if you want to try it out! Feel free to ask me any questions also about the service. I truly believe this might benefit some of you and even if it just helps one patient then I will be happy.

HealthTap Link